collective improvisation orchestra

collective improvisation orchestra

Pietra Tonale is a collective of musical improvisation born in Turin in March 2016 as a laboratory of musical experimentation and consisting of a variable staff of musicians from different backgrounds.

In February 2017, Pietra Tonale was formed as a cultural association, expanding and evolving the collective’s research, giving shape to a real pool of influences, techniques, stories and different intents. This versatility has allowed the collective to take part in important events in the city such as the Torino Jazz Festival, Springtime Jazz Festival, Torino Fringe Festival and to cooperate with various agencies and institutions, for example: Museo Ettore Fico, Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi, Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino.

The orchestra is an ensemble with a variable staff that consists of about twenty musicians, depending on the work performed and it is for this ensemble that the main compositions were written.

The intent of the orchestra’s research is to build a path on improvised music, integrating it with different compositional languages. The collective also functions as a pool of musical resources from which the individual components can draw in order to produce personal works.

To increase the capabilities of the orchestra and its members, Pietra Tonale holds monthly workshops concerning improvisation related topics and the processes involved in the development of an extemporaneous composition.

The workshops are open to the public and to musicians interested in participating and experimenting, aming to work and ponder on improvisation and its multiple forms. 

Giulia Impache

Dario Bergano

Davide Vizio

Mario Rossi

Filippo Gillono

Guglielmo Diana

Mario Benassai

Igor Sciavolino

Jacopo Acquafresca

Luca Neri

Lucio Guglielmi

Mario Barchiesi

Zevi Bordovach

Michele Bussone

Paolo Possidente

Simone Farò

Tommaso Camarotto